Bench seats padding and manufacturing in Montreal and Eastern Townships area

Our achievements

Mobilier MA is a specialized company in tailored seats manufacturing for residential and commercial sectors everywhere in Estrie area and Montreal. Kitchen benches, restaurant benches, hotel seats and also dinner room seats, Mobilier MA realize complete custom products of the highest quality. You can also appeal Mobilier MA for benches and seats padding. Get stylish and unique seats today with Mobilier MA.

Have a custom bench design


Do you want a furniture that you will not see anywhere else? You wish to surprise your friends or your customers with unique and unbeatable stylish benches? With Mobilier MA, you can get benches that suit your expectation and your taste. Entirely made to measure, the benches of Mobilier MA let place to your tastes: wood species, colour selection, dimensions and fabrics.

The made to measure benches of Mobilier MA agree perfectly to the interior design of your living room or your shop for a unique effect. If you wish to add seats to your kitchen, comfortable benches to your restaurant or include benches in your hotel reception, contact wood specialists for exclusive seat creation in Montreal and Estrie.

Give a second life to your seats

Over the years, benches can wear out, lose their lustre or suffer from damage. Do not rush directly buying a new bench. An ecological and efficient solution exists, benches padding. Indeed, if the pillows of your benches are no longer comfortable, if they have holes, you can pad your pillows. This way, you give a second life to your benches with a refurbishment much less expensive than the purchase of new bench seats.

Banquette rembourrée de bateau

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Mobilier MA, your commercial and residential bench seats specialist


To obtain a high quality and tailored bench seat, nothing better than contacting well-known seat manufacturing specialists in Montreal and Estrie area. With more than 35 years of experience in furniture manufacturing, Mobilier MA has realized many bench seats with elegant design and flawless quality. Concerned about your satisfaction and the quality of their achievements, Mobilier MA meet your expectations with an exceptional final product.

Whether it is for tailored seats manufacturing or residential and commercial benches padding, benefit from a recognized expertise at Mobilier MA. Please note that Mobilier MA is AFMQ member.

You would like to get a tailored bench manufactured by talented cabinetmaker? For this, contact Mobilier MA right away by calling at 819 868-9339 and ask for a free quote!